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Brittany Kurtinecz is a New Media Artist, XR Producer, and Creative Director based in Tokyo, Japan.

Kurtinecz graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Fine Art Degree, concentrating in Painting and Time-Based Experimental Media, from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, USA.

Kurtinecz’s early body of work focused on large scale figurative oil painting and video art. The move to Tokyo in 2019 with minimal supplies/equipment, right before the outbreak of the Coronavirus, catalyzed the learning of 3D software. This lead to creating NFTs, AR sculptures, VR experiences and Virtual worlds for art exhibitions. One noted world was created for ARS Electronica 2021; representing Tokyo in partner with the Extended Reality Ensemble (XRE) in NYC.

Her work has been exhibiting both physically and digitally in exhibitions and festivals around the world/virtual realm. Some achievements include exhibiting on billboards around Shibuya Crossing with NeoShibuyaTV and the New Media Art Group,  NFT NYC 2022 and 2023 on Times Square, SXSW 2022, Art Basel Miami 2022 and ARS Electronica 2023.



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Featured Content

Motion Graphic for Nike + Peaceminusone

Nike + Peaceminusone: KWONDO

I had the honor of creating the Animated Motion Graphics for Nike, Peaceminusone and G-Dragon.


AIZ-IV-U exhibited across 10 billboards around and on Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo, 2021


Keyboard Warrior (NFT) Displaying on a Billboard in Times Square for NFT.NYC 2022

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