Artist Statement

Consumed with the white noise of technology, social media and the Internet, we are in a constant flux between virtual and reality.  Through experimental and new media, I am interested in creating experiences that contemplate our relationship to the digital realm.
I use the figure as a vessel into the psychological; the impact of unfiltered information onto the mind and it’s relation to the observer. They are a hybrid of flesh and distorted digital code. I view them as slowly dissolving into a digital persona; the distressed mind portrayed outward, a distortion triggered by corruption. Juxtaposing imagery with audio, my work uses frequencies and drones to create a dissonant atmosphere. I use immersive media to create environments to dwell in the information overload; to find serene moments amidst chaos.
My work has been evolving over the years. Drifting from a more negative/ overwhelming approach to acceptance and integration. How do we interact with it on a daily basis? How do we still separate our physical and virtual personas? Do we? Where do we exist?

B r i t t a n y  K u r t i n e c z