Digital Environment


Installed at the Art Association of Harrisburg

Harrisburg, PA

October 19 – November 21 2018

DESOLATE is an evolving experimental installation consisting of three rooms. Existing without the presence of the artist, the pieces are altered by the non-synchronous loops, the space itself and the people in it. Each piece takes time to experience and I encourage one to ~chill~ with my work. No two encounters will be the same.

DESOLATE : The Cyber Installation

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*Headphones and Desktop browser recommended*

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DESOLATE: ‘R I D E M : Comment Section (Front)’, Video, EPSON Projector, 19:04 (loop), 2018
DESOLATE: ‘ R I D E M : -> (Right), Audio, Video, CRT Monitor, DVD, 09:57 (broken loop), 2018
DESOLATE: ‘ R I D E M : <- (left), Audio, Video, TOSHIBA CRT Monitor, DVD, 09:07 (loop), 2018
DESOLATE: ‘ R I D E M : 404(Back), Audio, Video, LCD TV MONITOR, DVD Player, 12:35 (loop), 2018
DESOLATE: ‘R I D E M: M E R L E’, Tuner TV, static, Audio, Readymade-Interactive, 2018

R I D E M is a multichannel installation consisting of four independent loops, the three monitors creating surround sound. I recently have become aware of a continuous scrolling motion, the pull to social media during unoccupied moments. I am in a constant flux between being lost in the internet and aware of its inhabilitating capabilities. The disassociation between social and real interaction. The Rise and Demise of creativity.


DESOLATE: ‘The ROOM’, Stereo Audio, Speakers, iPod, 29:58 (loop), 2018

DESOLATE: ‘Hidden Fourth: CATHARSIS III’, Stereo Audio, Speakers, iPod, 14:49 (loop), 2018

Audio has the capacity to alter a state of mind by physically replicating brain waves. Both THE ROOM and CATHARSIS III utilize binaural beats, where the difference in simultaneous frequencies mimic brain waves.
Sound in a space uses the room as a canvas. The frequencies respond to the environment, creating microtones, overtones, floor resonance, reverberation, ect. Because sound fills the entire space, only one piece can be experienced at a time. Adding other audio sources creates an entirely new piece.

THE ROOM consists of the audio loop “WHERE I AM” repeated and stretched to the point of a digital, pulsing breath. Along with other altered vocal tracks and drones, the transformation of human into digital and back into our realm makes the room feel alive. The line between digital and physical becoming vague.

CATHARSIS III is the third installation of the audio track CATHARSIS. It’s in it’s third form and space. I feel most resonant to this piece and am curious how it responds in different atmospheres. I think of this piece as the Hidden Fourth room within DESOLATE. This experience only happens after half hour intervals.

Desolate : The Room
Hidden Fourth : Catharsis III


DESOLATE: ‘ W A S T E L A N D ‘ , Audio, Video, Dual Projectors, Suspended Fabric, Fan, 05:51 (loop), 10:46 (loop), 2018

W A S T E L A N D is an environment that I see as my artist Mind-Capsule Trash Bin. The video loops were created by distorting old images, creating a loop, distorting that loop and exporting as a video. This is where I’d imagine my old, unfinished, or abandoned pieces to reside. The over-stimulation of the internet halting and dismantling progress. Old work getting lost somewhere down the social media feed. A limbo somewhere between physical space and digital code.